141 Schools for 141 Lives

  — In Commemoration of the Peshawar Army Public School Attack Victims —           

One month on from the Peshawar School Attack tragedy, in which 141 innocent children lost their lives, CARE Pakistan is more determined than ever in its mission to empower Pakistan’s youth through quality education.

To honour the memory of the young victims, CARE has launched a pioneering 141 School Adoption Programme, through which it will adopt 141 Government Schools in failing conditions; each corresponding to one of the school children afflicted in this unfortunate incident, and will transform them into flourishing and liberating institutions that will change the face of Pakistan once and for all.

8 schools in Karachi have already been adopted towards fulfilling this commitment to honouring the memory of the Peshawar attack victims and further plans for adoption are already under way.

In order to continue this endeavour to pay the only worthwhile tribute to each of those lives lost, CARE calls upon you to donate generously to its cause: the cause of educating the underprivileged children of Pakistan.

For every life lost, we can save another 500 lives from the vicious cycle of illiteracy, ignorance and the dangers these bring.

Step forward, and educate a child.

Step forward, and save Pakistan.