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seema_azizSeema Aziz founded CARE Pakistan, the largest educational NGO in Pakistan, in 1988 to educate children who would not otherwise have been able to go to school. Aziz began her retail career in 1985 when she co-founded Bareeze, one of Pakistan’s leading high-end fashion retailers, with her brother Hamid Zaman. Bareeze quickly became the first Pakistani textile producer to export high-quality fabrics to international markets, including India, the UAE, UK and Malaysia. Born in Lahore, Aziz studied at the University of Punjab, where she received her Bachelor of Sciences, followed by an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) from the same institute. Aziz then went on to complete an Executive Education Programme at Harvard Business School. Married with three children, since 2011 she has served as Chairperson of TUSDEC (Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company) and is on the governing body of TEVTA (Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority), as well as sitting on the Boards for the Pakistan Fashion Design Council; Punjab Board of Investment and Trade, Mobilink Foundation and the Punjab Education Foundation. Seema Aziz has been featured in several international publications, including Philip Aureswald’s book The Coming Prosperity, the MIT journal Innovations, Forbes and the Telegraph as well as Pakistan-focused publications such as The Herald, Blue Chip, Libas and The News. Aziz was recently named Philanthropist of the Year by Hello! Pakistan and has written on the subject of children’s education in the likes of Eastern Eye.

Ambreen Zaman


ambreen_zamanAmbreen Zaman is a founding member of CARE Pakistan and has been closely involved in the CARE schools, fund raising, and CARE Crafts. She has a Masters Degree in Development Economics from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Boston, USA. She has held a faculty position in the Lahore School of Management Sciences, and has worked as an Assistant Editor in the Frontier Post Lahore, a leading liberal Pakistani newspaper. As a Director at Sefam Pvt Ltd Pakistan, she launched ‘Leisure Club’ as the first international quality children’s brand in the country. Hugely successful, Leisure Club has become the largest clothing brand in Pakistan. A market leader and trail blazer, it today has 57 stores in Pakistan and has opened the way for several similar brands. Ambreen now lives in London.

Shezad Abedi


shezad_abediOne of the founding members of CARE in the UK, Shezad has worked in the Energy and Finance sectors for almost twenty years. Having held senior positions in EDF Trading, TAIB Yatrim Bank and Carron Energy Ltd, he has worked in locations as diverse as Turkey and Bahrain. Shezad is currently Chairman at PDF Corporate Finance in London.

Faisal Mian


Faisal Irfan Mian is a principal at Liquidity Finance LLP, an Emerging Markets fixed income boutique with offices in London and New York and clients in over 30 countries. Before co-founding Liquidity in 2008, he worked at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley for nearly 12 years. His expertise throughout, has been investing in Emerging Market nations. Faisal also had a short stint working at the United Nations secretariat and holds a Masters in International Affairs and a MBA from Columbia University in New York. He attended Hampshire College in Massachusetts where he earned his Bachelor in Economics. In addition to being on the Pakistan board of Care Pakistan, he also works with Empower, which supports local organizations in EM countries and has been a partner at Acumen Fund, a non-profit venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of poverty.

Nadeem Shaikh


Nadeem is a thought leader and practitioner of innovation within financial services and has an unmatched global network within both the startup world and the established corporates. Before founding Anthemis Group, Nadeem was President at First Data Corporation where he held a number of senior roles, including most recently as Head of the Financial Institutions, where he ran a multibillion dollar organization overseeing businesses in over 50 markets. Before that he led the strategy and technology arm at American Management Systems. At Anthemis, he advises international financial services institutions on strategic innovation. He is passionate about supporting the emerging digital financial services ecosystem and to that end, is a dedicated mentor to startups at incubators and accelerators, like Barclays Techstars and Level39. He also serves on the Boards of PayPerks, AFB and OneBento within the Anthemis portfolio. Nadeem has lived and worked all over the world and now resides in London with his young family. He is the Board Chairman of CARE Pakistan.

Sofia Sabbina Malik

Development Manager

Sofia Sabbina Malik formerly trained as an artist from the NCA (Lahore) and later pursued a Master’s degree in anthropology and sociology at King’s College London. Growing up in Pakistan she developed an interest in promoting solutions to empower women, girls and families at the grassroots level. She was involved as a volunteer with social development organisations from a young age, and has represented Pakistan at several international conferences as a member of the YWCA. She is also an avid environmentalist and lives in London with her husband and 3 year old son.

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