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CARE educates a child at £4 (Rs 700)/head whereas government educates a child at £8 (Rs 1500) per head. CARE spends this money on students’ books, teachers’ salaries and running the schools, as does the government. However, the government incurs £8 per child since it pays significantly higher salaries to the government teachers, who are mostly absent/not accountable.
Phentermine Forum Where To Buy
DARE’s cost of educating a child is £48/year, significantly less than all other comparable organisations working in education provision.

We are comparatively cheaper because we spend only 3% on administrative costs. Our most significant cost is that of the salaries of over 3000 teachers employed by the Foundation.

Our model is the most cost-effective as a majority of our schools are government adopted; therefore, our construction costs are limited to the repair and renovation of schools and the addition of classrooms, libraries, laboratories and bathrooms when required.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Tablets
Student progress is measured on the basis of:

  • Comparative quantitative analysis of annual exam results i.e. the current percentage rate of passing students as compared to that in previous years.
    Student drop-out rates: The drop-out rate in CARE Schools is less than 10% and it is decreasing, compared to the drop-out rate of 25-30% in government schools.
  • Student participation and performance in key provincial and national level competitions such as debates, drama, creative writing and science competitions. In 2016, our student Allah Ditta, from CARE Adopted Government Public Model High School Nain Sukh, secured 3rd position in the BISE Lahore Matriculation examinations.
  • Teacher quality and accountability: CARE teachers are trained in our teacher training centres, and are held accountable through a structured monitoring and evaluation system. CARE school administrators monitor our teachers. Cluster managers oversee a group of schools and area managers oversee and monitor these clusters. Teacher and School performance is routinely documented. We provide regular feedback to teachers and conduct biannual teacher training sessions to help improve teaching methodology.
  • Alumni success stories: CARE now has over 90,000 alumni, serving Pakistan in a variety of different fields including, but not limited to, Technology, Medicine, Education and Defense.
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