Teaching via LCD

CARE is in the process of accelerating its use of education technology through the use of LCD screens and USBs containing educational materials, mostly videos targeted at primary to secondary school students. The e-tech material has rapidly increased both the interest and learning at primary stage; with students truly enjoying the stories and songs and engaging with mathematical concepts. The videos have also proved extremely useful for teacher training; weak teachers can rely on videos to enhance their own learning before imparting the knowledge to students.

CARE currently has LCD screens and e-tech in 7 schools and plans to roll out teaching through LCD screens to all 526 schools as soon as sustainable funding for the project is secured.

The Scratch Programme

Our most innovative project yet, the Scratch programme aims to teach 6th grade students how to code, programme, and animate. At pilot stage right now, we’re working on developing a 6th grade computer science curriculum for Scratch, training our teachers to supervise learning using cutting edge information via the global online learning platform Coursera, and formalise the structure for continued expansion of the programme to all our schools. In exciting news, our summer camp in Lahore will be offering all CARE students a chance to come and try their hand at programming through Scratch.


CARE connects globally

The CARE Foundation is thrilled to be part of the British Council ‘Connect a School programme‘ which connects schools from over 60 countries. Schools coordinate and share activities with each other throughout the school year to learn more about other cultures and share their own; this is a fantastic way for our students to learn about places and people around the world, and connect across cultures.