The lack of English is a tremendous barrier for people looking to advance up the economic ladder and become more socially mobile. English has become a prerequisite for access to better jobs and higher education. Looking to address this critical issue, in 2004, CARE started a two-year afterschool accelerated English language programme running out of its adopted government schools and owned schools. This programme has enabled children to become fluent in reading, writing and speaking English, giving them a more marketable education and better opportunities for further education.

“Signing up for the Access class literally changed my life. It gave me the confidence and skills that I did not have before.”
Hamid Hassan

hamid-haAfter seeing the astonishing improvement in students enrolled in the afterschool programme, CARE set about providing high quality English education for all its students. In April 2012, CARE took the major step of incorporating the Access to English Programme into its standard curriculum. The programme  had been  laid out in 25 schools and has been met with resounding enthusiasm.

Since its inception, 2,467 students have passed through the Access to English programme. Presently, there are 10,015 students enrolled, including 3,200 girls, reflecting CARE’s recent growth. Our commitment to empowering girls is unwavering, and the Access to English Language programme has the power to enable that.

The programme has given many of our students the opportunity to participate in national Model United Nations programmes, including the prestigious LUMUN at LUMS, ACUMUN at Aitchison, and LGSMUN at Lahore Grammar School. The skills of debate and decorum learnt through these conferences set our students as equals to students of any other private institution in Lahore.