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Two of our students have managed to acquire the very top positions in the 2015 Secondary Board Exams, Lahore!

Shamrooz Ali achieved the FIRST position overall in Lahore, scoring 992 out of 1100 marks in the Humanities category (among boys). Shamrooz is a student of CARE-Adopted Government Public Model High School, Nainsukh Shahdara.

Amna Saleem came in THIRD position out of the whole of Lahore. She scored 1012 out of 1100 marks in the Humanities category (among girls). Amna attends CARE-Adopted Government Pakistan Standard Girls High School, Shadbagh Lahore.

Board exams, otherwise known as Matriculation, are taken by every Grade 10 student of all schools across Pakistan. They serve as the final qualification of secondary school, upon which basis students leave to further education or to begin employment.

These CARE students, despite their own humble backgrounds, have therefore surpassed both government and fee-paying elite private school students in order to achieve this result. A proud moment indeed.

Phentermine 30 Mg Order