‘Educating a Nation’ – CARE in The National UAE

Businesswoman and philanthropist Seema Aziz has changed thousands of lives through her vision that it is every child’s right to have an education. Through the Care Foundation, she gives the children of Pakistan a brighter future, Samar Al Sayed writes

Her children have long left school, but hundreds of thousands more can thank a Pakistani philanthropist and businesswomen for their own education.

At 63, Seema Aziz continues to run her business and foundation with equal passion.

“Some told me education would do these children no good,” says Ms Aziz. “But I knew that equipping them with a future would be better than just giving them temporary resources that they may never cultivate.”

In the late 1980s, Ms Aziz visited villages in the Punjab, which had been destroyed in floods.

“I had never witnessed such devastation and poverty at close proximity,” she says.

“Thousands of villages had been totally wiped out.”

“A group of us went to a village to see how we could help. Our business was still very small. We had experienced limited monetary success at the time, but I had witnessed such horrors in the aftermath of the floods that I decided I wanted to give these children something that no flood can ever take away.”

The result was the Care Foundation – Cooperation for Advancement, Rehabilitation and Education – that now has 177,000 children enrolled in schools across Pakistan.

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