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Saris and kurtas descended on Buckingham Gate, not to call on Her Majesty the Queen but gathered instead under the auspices of another crown, The Taj St. James, to celebrate the launch of Mustang Productions, in aid of Care Pakistan.

Dev Joshi superbly reminisced the ghazals of Jagjit Singh and Mehdi Hassan, among other prominent legends of sub-continental music. The glittering event was attended by prominent members of the asian community including Lord Noon, Dr Rami Ranger OBE, Suhel Seth, Dr Muhammad Jawad, and Richi Rich, the acclaimed music producer.

During their insightful speeches, Lord Noon, Dr Ranger, and Suhel Seth paid tribute to the achievements of Sadia Siddiqui, the experienced CEO of Mustang Productions, an event and TV production company that celebrates diversity in the UK. Sadia is the first Pakistani woman to not only produce but also host a talk show on the global Indian TV channel B4U. By producing ‘Achievers’, a unique B4U show in which Sadia conducts personal interviews with both Indians and Pakistanis, Sadia is actively engaged in bridging the gap between these neighbouring countries. Mustang Productions supported CARE Pakistan at this ghazal event, which raised more than £7,000 for charity from Sadia’s enthusiastic and appreciative guests.

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