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Sehar Javed, a CARE student equipped with the commendable assets of a serious mind as well as a hardworking disposition, has truly achieved much in life to be proud of. She became affiliated with the CARE Foundation, upon being enrolled in the CARE Adopted C.D.G. Girls High School, Kot Khwaja Saeed, Lahore. She pursued her studies through the generous grants from the CARE Scholarship Program.

Her timely stint in the CARE School developed in her a love for Mathematics, and a rational approach to solving all kinds of problems. Eventually, her affinity with numbers led her to excel in Physics as well; a talent she exhibited in full by securing the First Position, along with a Gold Medal, in the Physics Baccalaureate Program at the Government College University, Lahore.

Her achievements so far, made possible through the CARE Scholarship Initiative, are exemplary, and we are hopeful of Sehar claiming even more accolades in her academic career, in the years to come.

Phentermine 30 Mg Order