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Azam completed his matriculation from CARE-I High School in Iqbal Town, District Sheikhupura in 1998. He went on to pursue his MBBS from King Edward Medical College, Lahore on a CARE scholarship. He later joined Mayo Hospital as a doctor, and rose to the position of Registrar. Dr. Azam is currently in the final year of his FCPS, a five-year training program run by the Punjab Institute of Cardiology. After completing the program, he hopes to work at PIC as a cardiologist.

All three of Azam’s brothers and sisters studied at CARE-I. His elder brother now works in a marketing company at Multan. His father used to do different small jobs from time to time. Looking back, Azam terms it as nothing short of a miracle that he has arrived where he is today. The area he belongs to; the fact that there is no other graduate in his entire family; then coming to K.E., and now specializing in cardiology – it is education and CARE that made all this possible.

Phentermine 30 Mg Order